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Dec. 22, 2021

28. Pt 1 - New Year's "Resolutions" Suck - How To Plan Cool Sh*t for Next Year

28. Pt 1 - New Year's

In this episode Neel and David tell you why they think New Year's Resolutions are no good and what they have planned for 2022.

David is starting 2022 with a three month off-grid meditation teacher training.  Neel will be spending 10 days in Panama in the first quarter of 2022 doing some survival training.  They talk about the methodology they use to make plans for big events like these and what else they have planned for the year.

They also discuss:

  • Jesse Itzler's calendar hacking
  • Tactics to make the end of your year thoughtful and reflective
  • The concept of de-averaging: moving away from a 5 day on/2 day off schedule to something that fits better for you
  • Measuring your impact for the coming year in numbers: how many jobs you will create, how many people you will reach, etc.

Enjoy the episode!