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Dec. 22, 2021

29. Pt 2 - Neel & David's Reflections Of Their Year

29. Pt 2 - Neel & David's Reflections Of Their Year

In this episode Neel and David build on their "New Year's Resolutions Suck" episode by reflecting on 2021.

Both Neel and David built strong romantic relationships this year, and also started this podcast.

For Neel, that meant getting out of his comfort zone and engaging more on social media and elsewhere.  But it was also part of something that David had introduced him to the last time they spent a lot of time together: meeting people that are very different from himself.  He's curious about replicating that through maybe joining an online community in the next year.

David has been building up to taking a three-month teacher training that is going to transform his life personally and professionally.  He's enjoyed recovering from a traumatic end to a long-term relationship and has taken those personal lessons to heart, alongside some hard-learned business lessons as well.

Enjoy the episode!