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March 30, 2022

45. Thinking About Exiting Your Business

45. Thinking About Exiting Your Business

In this episode Neel shares different ways to think about exiting your business, including his own current plans for MaidThis.

While some might say that you need to know what your exit plan is before you even start your business, Neel very much advocates for starting first and thinking more short-term, in terms of one year.

He goes on to share four frames to use when thinking about exiting a business:

  • No strategy (buying a job)
  • Scale and sell to private equity
  • Legacy (pass on to family)
  • Automated asset (this is Neel's current choice for MaidThis)

You'll also hear Neel explain why you want your business to be a cow, not a pig and why he would rather make less money and work less, than the opposite (and why that also makes sense when it comes to business valuations).

Enjoy the episode!