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Sept. 7, 2022

66. Key Lessons from a $50K Mastermind

66. Key Lessons from a $50K Mastermind
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In this episode Neel and Johnny discuss the benefits of a $50,000+ mastermind that Johnny and his business partner joined.

Originally Johnny had hired this company to help with sales and in classic "value ladder" style the company overdelivered on the entry-level product so that Johnny was primed to hear an upsell. Things had gone so well with the original sales help they asked for that it was a no-brainer to join the mastermind (even though they had to split up the payments). Johnny's loved all that has happened since, including a training weekend he recently attended.

Neel and Johnny also discuss:

  • why mission, vision, and values is key to taking your company to $100k MRR
  • why Johnny's e-learning business is now actively disqualifying 70% of their leads
  • the power of fellowship being with other entrepreneurs making a lot of money online

You'll also hear Johnny share some of his company's values and why they're really important as you grow your company beyond 3-5 employees.

Enjoy the episode!