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Oct. 5, 2022

70. Do You Have to Like Your Business or Nah?

70. Do You Have to Like Your Business or Nah?

In this episode Neel and Johnny tackle the question of how entrepreneurs feel about what their business does.

While Johnny delves into the idea of what your goals/endgame are and how that can create different answers at different times in your entrepreneurial journey, Neel unapologetically says that you do not have to like what your business does, as long as you don't hate it (people who don't like donuts shouldn't open a donut shop).

They also discuss:

  • how sometimes working in your business instead of working on your business can make you dislike your business faster
  • why sometimes the business, whatever it is, is just a vehicle for you to make money, help others, and develop personally
  • the danger of making your passion your business

Enjoy the episode!