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Nov. 2, 2022

74. Who Should NOT Go into Entrepreneurship

74. Who Should NOT Go into Entrepreneurship

In this episode Neel and Johnny answer the question: "Should everyone go into entrepreneurship?" (Short answer: No.)

Entrepreneurship has been so glamorized lately that it's made to seem that everyone can and should be an entrepreneur. Neel and Johnny offer some thoughts on why that's a bad idea:

  • People with low risk tolerance won't do well — every day involves some kind of risk in entrepreneurship.
  • People who have a 9-5 for a very long time (though a franchise might be a good fit in that case)
  • Those who can't deal with constant setbacks will struggle — some weeks and months it feels like everything is going wrong.

Both Neel and Johnny advocate for everyone having a side hustle as a de-risking strategy, however, and even give a few quick side hustle ideas to get the ideas flowing.

Enjoy the episode!