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Dec. 22, 2022

A Short List of Business Ideas (Feel Free to Steal Them!)

A Short List of Business Ideas (Feel Free to Steal Them!)

I recently moved a lot of my life admin stuff intoNotion

Notion is similar to Evernote and Google Docs but with a really clean design and interface. It has task management, note-taking capabilities, and more…it’s a great organizational tool.

As I was migrating things over, I stumbled across a list of business ideas. A few years ago I got into the habit of writing down these ideas whenever they came to me. 

I wanted to share them here with you, as honestly I just don’t have the time with all of the other things I have going on withMaidThis

Without further ado, here is a short list of business ideas that you can feel free to steal.

1. Drone Window Washing

I’ve talked about this idea before and it’s one that I really believe in. 

Drone window washing would be a great solution for all of those hard-to-reach high-rise commercial buildings. There are a lot of risks associated with putting an actual human being up on scaffolding to clean these types of buildings. It also involves a lot of insurance, and high-rise window cleaners do not come cheap. Why not get rid of the risks and costs and send drones in to do it?

2. Full-Service Man Cave Setup

I’ve long dreamt of having a man cave at home, which is where I got the idea of a full-service man cave setup business. 

It works like this: the customer sends a photo of where they would potentially like to create a man cave. This could range from a spare room to a basement or garage. The service would source the products, get a contractor, and then build it from start to finish. I think you could charge between $7k-10k for something like this.

People pay for convenience, which is what sparked this idea for me.

3. Snowbird Home Watch Service

This business idea already exists in some markets and I really like it, but I have yet to see someone scale it. 

A lot of homes in very warm climates sit empty for half the year. For example, many people own places in Florida, but they only spend the winter there. A snowbird home watch service business would send people out to these empty homes to check in and make sure that everything is okay. This could include checking for leaks or flooding as well as doing a light cleaning.

This business idea is a pretty low ticket (you could charge around $100 per month for two visits), so it would probably work best as an add-on service for something you already do. It’s a great way to add value to an existing offering.

4. Hazard Cleanup Service

I don’t know how difficult it would be to pull off a hazard cleanup service business, but I have heard that it’s very profitable. 

This could be crime scene cleanup, hoarder house, or even meth house cleanup. It’s not glamorous, but a service like this has the potential for a super high margin. A normal cleaning could cost up to $50 per hour. You could ask for double if not triple that for a property with hazardous materials. A lot of times someone will inherit a property with hazardous materials and they don’t know how to deal with it. 

Remember: people will pay to take the headache away.

A Few Other Ideas

Here are the last few business ideas on my list:

  • Diaper and dog poop pick-up services.Not the sexiest business idea, but there is definitely a need for it. Especially in cities with special requirements for waste disposal.
  • Painting.A one-time, high-ticket local business. It’s not recurring, but if you like sales you could make it work. 
  • Mobile rim repairing.I know someone who pays $100 per rim for someone to come out and buff his car rims. If you know what you’re doing, it should take about 20 minutes per rim. That’s a super high return for your time.

If you do end up trying one of my ideas,send me a DMand let me know how you make out!

Photo byRodion KutsaievonUnsplash

This article was written by Neel from MaidThis Franchise, a remote-local franchise opportunity for people looking to escape the rate race and reach financial freedom. Learn morehere.